Toyota Landcruiser 200 Diesel EU Homologation

Probably the last unit of Toyota Landcruiser 200 Diesel VX Luxury with EU Homologation

1 Unit factory new Toyota Landcruiser 200 4.5 V8 TURBODIESEL VX AUTOMATIC

Make                            Toyota

Model                           Landcruiser

Code Vehicle               VEH-002387

Kilometers                    0

Precio EXW Madrid   Click Here

Body Type                   SUV

Style/Trim                    VX LUXURY

Engine                         4.5 l. V8 euro 5 turbo diesel engine

Cylinders                     8

Drivetrain                     4WD

Transmission               Automatic

Exterior Colour             Black

Interior Colour              Black

Passengers                 Total 7 Seating Capacity

Doors                           5

Fuel Type                    Diesel

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