Toyota Landcruiser GRJ79 Pick Up

Limited Units of Toyota Landcruiser GRJ79 4.0 V6 Petrol Pick Up

1 Unit factory new Toyota Landcruiser Pick-Up 4.0L V6 PETROL M/T 4WD

Model code: GRJ79L-TJMRKV

General specification, LHD, White, Airbags & Snorkel

UNIT PRICE, EXW Madrid € 27.550,00

For more information about these vehicles and offer, please contact directly with us here.

3 thoughts on “Toyota Landcruiser GRJ79 Pick Up

  1. Hello Gul Off-road,
    We’re interested in the Toyota GRJ79 V6 petrol Pick-up Double Cab.
    1. Is it possible to get this vehicle on Spanish registration?
    2. If not: Is it possible to export the vehicle to Morocco?
    Thank you for your information.
    Peter Buitelaar.
    Home 958994932 GSM 651639463 Morocco 00212670785640


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