Hyundai HD72 4×2 Frigo Van

6 units Hyundai HD72 4×2

17.1 cbm, frigo van – NEW


Emission:Euro 1

Cabin:day cabin

HP/kW:120 HP / 89 kW

Gearbox:Manual gearbox

Wheelbase:3735 mm

HYUNDAI HD72 4×2 refrigerated van – NEW

GVW 7300 kg
Weight variant 2.6/4.7 t.
4 stroke-cycle, water-cooled, direct-injection diesel engine

Body dimensions: 468 x 203 x 180 cm
Capacity: 17.1 cbm.
Floor: ribbed stainless steel (SUS430)

Cooling system
Model HT-250
Cooling system driven by the vehicle engine
Capacity Kcal/h:
1.7 celcius / 3730
-17.8 celcius / 2016
Compressor displacement: 150 cc
Refrigerant: R40


Length: 669 cm

Width: 218 cm

Height: 299 cm

For more information about this trucks please contact with us here.

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